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For the Coffee Lover who knows their routine

We are a micro roaster dedicated to freshness.

By roasting only certified fair trade and organic beans, we aim to lift your day and honour the farmers that grow our beans.

SISSIBOO COFFEE ROASTER Ltd. is a micro roaster offering certified fairtrade, organic coffee beans to both retail and wholesale markets. Each bag is stamped with the date of roast.

We rely on instinct and observation of smells, sounds and appearance, not instrumentation, to produce each roast.  Using a variety of beans with differing characteristics we create single origin coffee with rich, distinctive flavours.

Our goal is to lift your day and honour the farmers that grew the beans.


About ten years ago I had a chance to have a mug of Jamaican Blue Mountain. Ever since, I’ve been on the hunt for something more accessible that had the same combo of crisp-soft-dry depth and complexity. Tobeatic Wild for the win!! Thank you, Sissiboo!


Received this coffee as a gift, and it is a gift that keeps giving as it is so nice to have this coffee each and every morning. My new favourite coffee.


I first tried this particular coffee at the Rose & Rooster in Seaforth, NS. My girlfriend & I were just looking in our community to find ourselves “our” breakfast/cafe area. After trying this coffee I instantly fell in love from the first sip. I could smell the aroma from when the staff had poured it and it had whetted my senses, eagerly awaiting to try it. I always look forward to going back so I can get another large, satisfying mug of hot, “Tobeatic Wild” coffee!  Whatever you folks are doing, don’t change a THING!”





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Looking for fresh fundraising ideas?

Sissiboo Coffee Roaster will donate $5 from everybag sold to your cause!  No enterprise is too small.


1890 Clementsvale Rd.

Bear River, Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 467-0128

CAFÉ Annapolis Royal: (902) 286-3010

262 St George St.
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Hours: Mon to Fri: 7:30 am – 4 PM
             Sat and Sun: 8 AM – 4 PM

CAFÉ Bear River: (902) 467-0128

1890 Clementsvale Rd.
Bear River, Nova Scotia

Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
             Sat and Sun: 8 AM – 4 PM